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Item Description 2 Plug-in is used to show Item Description 2 under Item Maintenance at entry. Currently AutoCount Accounting entries do not have a field call Description 2 to show Description 2 of the item. User that has such requirement can install this plug-in to fulfill their needs.

System Requirement & Installation

In order to install Item Description 2 plug-in, user will need to obtain .app file which is used for installation.

AutoCount Accounting System Requirement:

  • AutoCount Accounting Basic Edition and above
  • Scripting Module

Step by step guide for installation:
1.Login to AutoCount Accounting on the account book that user wish to install this plug-in.

2.Next, browse through AutoCount Accounting top menu for Tools --> Plug-in Manager.

3.After opening Plug-in Manager, click on the “Install” button located on right hand side, system will prompt to select a file. Please browse from folder and open the .app file.

4.A new window will prompt with some basic information of this plugin. Click the “Install” button again located at the bottom.

5.A confirmation message will prompt after clicking the “Install” button. Click “Yes” in order to confirm the installation.

6.Due to Item Description 2 plug-in require to add in additional tables or fields to the database, it will prompt to let user know and again ask for confirmation to continue the installation.

7.After clicking “Yes”, the installation will start and after a moment if the plug-in is installed properly, a successfully installed message will appear and user just need to click “OK” to proceed.

8.After installation, user will then able to see an extra menu on top of AutoCount Accounting menu. User can access any function or features that is related to this plug-in installed.

Functions & Features

Add Description 2 Options

User can access to AutoCount Add Description 2 Options under the Add Desc2 Menu to set which entry user wish to view or show Item Description 2 on screen.

Depending on user preference, user can check or uncheck any document from the list shown to trigger the visibility of Item Description 2. By default, these checkbox will be automatically checked after installation.

Entry Result

After setting all the options, entries will now show Item Description 2 from Stock Item Maintenance.


Installation of this plug-in will add the following tables into your database:

  1. AC_Desc2Options: Used to store option setting for entries displaying description 2.

Last Modified on 25th May 2017, by Jae Sen.

Download here: Item Description 2 Plug-in

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