Manage Account Book

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Manage Account Book

Manage Account Book

Go to File > Manage Account Book

This is the place to maintain and manage Account Books that are accessible to this PC. The created and attached Account Books is displayed here. Each account book is a separate SQL database. If you are handling businesses for more than one company, you will need to create a new account book for each company.

Remark: a text or/and colour to differentiate one Account Book from another. This is particularly useful when you have more than one Account Book for a same company name. To input/edit, go to General Maintenance > Company Profile.

Version: refers to database version of the Account Book. The database version is automatically detected and displayed. This info is important for program updates as the matching database version is needed in some circumstances.

Server: The computer name and instance name of Database Server. This column tells you where (the machine with database server) is the database located at.

Database Name: the name of the database in the Database Server.

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