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Point of Sale > Maintenance > Member Price Maintenance

This function helps users to maintain member price based on member group (Member Type) or individual member (Member) for selected item(s).
Member must be maintained in order to use this function (Back End > Bonus Point > Member Maintenance).

Edit Filter
Item code: to select an item code
UOM: to select which UOM to view if the item code contains multi-UOM

Price Book Type
Member: to select individual member
Member type: to select a member group
Edit: to assign or set the price of item(s) to selected member by editing the price book

Steps in using Member Price Book:

 1.Tick the Item checkbox, and select the desired item. User are allowed to leave this column blank as all items will be selected by leaving this column uncheck.
 2.Select the member. If user would like to apply to only 1 individual member, check ‘Member’ and select the member; if user would like to apply to a group of members, check ‘Member Type’ and select the group of members.
 3.Click ‘Edit’ to edit the member price book.
 4.Window below prompts:

Image above shows that this price book will be edited for member type ‘VIP’, for item code B01C, this member type can get 100% discount. User can change the member price into: Fixed Price: member will get a price with the figure set by user for every 1 quantity purchased. Fixed Discount: member will get a discount with the figure set by user for every 1 quantity purchased. Price by quantity: member will get a price or discount with the figure set by user for range of quantity purchased.
5.The checkbox ‘Delete’ will delete the member price for the selected item upon save. 6.Click OK to save the setting of member price book.

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