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Allow you to create AR Receive Payment when there’s a credit sales created before and the debtor return back to make payment for the outstanding invoice.

1.Hit on More Function button.

2.Hit on AR Payment button.

3.Find AR Payment screen will show up.

4.You can do some simple filtering option here if you wish.
Keyword for filter: Enter the keywords here for filter. Filter by Date: Tick the checkbox and then put the date you want to filter. Filter by Debtor Code / Document No.: Tick the option that you want to filter. Then system will search the keywords you entered from the selected field.

5.There are some action allow you to perform on the top-right hand side of the Find AR Payment screen.
Search: Hit on this button to search the result after you done the filter option. New: Hit on this button to Create New AR Payment. Edit: Hit on this button to Edit selected AR Payment. Delete: Hit on this button to Delete selected AR Payment. Preview: Hit on this button to Preview AR Payment report. Print: Hit on this button to Print AR Payment report. Close: Hit on this button to Exit the Find AR Payment screen.

Create New AR Payment

1.Hit on New button.

2.New AR Payment screen will show up.

3.Select Debtor that want to make payment.

4.Add Payment Method.
Add (+): Hit on this button to add an account payment method. Minus (-): Hit on this button to delete selected payment method. Move Up / Move Down: Hit on this button to arrange the payment method sequence. Edit: Hit on this button to edit the selected payment method. Cash / Credit Card / Debit Card / Cheque: Hit on this button if the debtor pay by these payment method.

5.Knockoff the Outstanding Invoice. Note: Outstanding invoice will show only if you have internet connection and the HQ Database Connection in POS Backend is properly set.

6.Hit on OK button to save.

7.Payment saved successfully message will show up, hit on OK to continue.

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