More Function:Find Transaction

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Allow you to find / view / perform necessary action to the transaction that you created previously.

1.Hit on More Function button.

2.Hit on Inquiry button.

3.Hit on Find Transaction button.

4.Find Transaction screen will show up.

5.You can do some simple filteringfiltering option here if you wish.
Filter by Date: Put the date range that you want to filter. Keyword for filter: Enter the keywords here for filter. Filter by other fields: Tick the option that you want to filter. Then system will search the keywords you entered from the selected field.

6.There are some action allow you to perform on the top-right hand side of the Find Transaction screen.
Search: Hit on this button to search the result after you done the filter option. Detail: Hit on this button to view the transaction details for the selected transaction. Customer Information: Hit on this button to view / enter the customer information. Void / Unvoid: Hit on this button to cancel / uncancel the transaction. Preview Receipt: Hit on this button to preview the receipt. Reprint Receipt: Hit on this button to reprint the receipt. Copy to New Transaction: Hit on this button to copy the selected transaction into a new transaction. Close: Hit on this button to Exit the Find Transaction screen.

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