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Allow you to combine 2 or more bills from different table or shared table into 1 receiptAllow you to split 1 single bill into multiple receipt.
E.g.: There is 1 table with few people inside, each of them want to pay separately. Therefore, you may use split bill function for them.

1.Hit on Table button and then select the table that want to pay.

2.Hit on More Function button.

3.Hit on Split Bill button.

4.Split Bill screen will show up. System default will have 2 bills for you to split, you can add more if it’s necessary.

Add Bill: Add more bill to split. Save: Save the split bill without payment. Close: Close the Split Bill screen.
5.Select the foods that need to split into another bill and then hit on ADD (+) button to add the selected food into this bill.

6.Sample outcome after split those foods into different bills.

7.Hit on Payment button to make payment for each sub-bill first. Note: After all Sub-Bill payment are made then only Main Bill payment can be made.

8.Hit on Yes button to make payment for the selected Sub-Bill.

9.Make payment as usual.

10.After you make the payment for selected Sub-Bill, system will remove it from the split bill screen. Continue to make payment for all Sub-Bill.

11.Lastly, make payment for the Main-Bill.

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