More Function:Staff Attendance

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Allow staff to record their attendance into system.

1.Hit on More Function button.

2.Hit on Inquiry button.

3.Hit on Staff Attendance button.

4.Staff Attendance will show up.

5.Key in the user password and hit on Enter button to record the attendance.

6.Attendance status will show up, hit on OK to continue.

7.The Staff Attendance Status will show on the screen.

8.If you want to edit the staff’s attendance record, hit on Edit button located on top-right hand side of the screen.

9.Edit Staff Attendance screen will show up.

10.Select the User ID and fill in the Date Range that you want to filter.

11.Hit on Search button to search the result.

12.Select the attendance record you wish to edit.

13.Change the Sign In / Sign Out time on bottom of this screen.

14.Hit on Save button to save the edited record.

15.Record saved successfully message will show up, hit on OK to continue.

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