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Allow you to perform synchronization with POS backend database.
Note: If there are any changes made in POS backend, synchronization must be done in order to reflect the changes to POS frontend.
System will automatically synchronize every 15 minutes, if you know there are some changes done in POS backend, and you want it to reflect to POS frontend immediately, you can use this function.

1.Hit on More Function button.

2.Hit on Settings button.

3.Hit on Synchronize button.

4.AutoCount POS Sync screen will show up.

Speed Sync: Speed Sync will only synchronize those master file that has made changes in POS backend to POS frontend. Speed Sync also synchronize the transaction made from POS frontend back to POS backend. Full Sync: Full Sync will synchronize all master file from POS backend to POS frontend no matter there’s a changes or not. Full Sync also synchronize the transaction made from POS frontend back to POS backend. Close: Exit the AutoCount POS Sync screen.
5.Hit on either Speed Sync or Full Sync button.

Overall Progress Bar: Display the overall synchronization progress. Sync Details: Display what is being sync and what is synced. Error Message: Display the error detail here if your synchronization was failed. Stage Progress Bar: Display the progress for the specific syncing stage.
6.Sync successfully message will show up if your synchronization is success. Hit on OK button to continue.

7.Hit on Close button to exit this screen.

8.System will ask do you want to logout the FnB POS system, hit on Yes button to logout the FnB POS system or hit on Cancel to remain on the FnB POS system. Note: If there’s some setting changes made in POS backend, you are require to logout and login the POS frontend in order to reflect.

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