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Allow you to design your table layout for each section.

1.Hit on More Function button.

2.Hit on Settings button.

3.Hit on Table Design button.

4.Table Design screen will show up.

5.On top of the Table Design Screen, you will see there are 10 section. You can design different table layout for each section. Click on the section you want to start design the table layout. E.g.: You may use Section 1 to indicate this is your restaurant 1st floor, Section 2 as 2nd floor, and so on.

6.On the top-right hand side, hit on Section tab. You able to do some additional settings to the section you selected.

Caption: Rename this section as you wish. Load Image: Load your restaurant floor plan layout for this section for easier design. Remove Image: Remove the image you loaded previously. Image Size Mode: Select the image size as you wish. Background Color: Change the background color of this section.

7.On the top-right hand side, hit on Table tab. You able add a table base on your desire design.

8.Hit on the table shape you want to add into the selected section.

9.Table will be added to the section.

Note: You may move the table to any position on the section, just drag the table to the position you want.

10.Sample of table design outcome. You are able to resize the table size by dragging its border.

11.On the bottom-left hand side, there are some functions that allow you to use in table design.

Auto Layout: System automatically arrange the table that added by you. Delete table: Delete selected table. Clear All Table: Remove all table you added for this section. Table Status Color: Additional table settings.

12.On the bottom-right hand side, hit on Save to save your section layout.

Is Default: Check this option if you want to set this section as default section. Means that every time you open up choose table screen, it will show this section by default. Visible: Check this option if you want to make this section visible, uncheck if you want to hide this section.

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