Optical Pos: Sync Down Connection error prompt after login

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Question :

I get error during login as shown below, why is that?

<<Sync Down>>

Connection to


<<Sync Down>>

Connection to http://IPAddress:PortNo./failed

Possible Reason :

AutoCount Optical POS Server Configuration services did not start or network connection issue.

Solution :

1.Go to HQ server open Windows Run box (Windows key + R) > enter Services.msc > OK > select AutoCount Optical POS Backend Server > click Start (if it is Running, no need to click start, you may restart the services).

2. If the services cannot be started, please try to reinstall Optical POS.

3. If the problem still persists, please make sure your connection did not have any problem.

By: CK 20230511, Jacky 20230523, P230523 [000416]

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