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Multi-Dimensional Price Book - Add Pricing Rules

This module is used to maintain multi-dimensional price books.

Go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

Check the checkbox of Multi-Dimensional Price Book to enable it.

Go to Sales > Multi-Dimensional Price Book

List of price rule's criteria:

select Date From... To...

select Item Type From... To...

select Location From... To...

select Sales Agent From... To...

select Item Brand From... To...

select Project From... To...

select Item Group From... To...

select Price Category From... To...

select Display Term

select Item Category

select Department

select Item Code From... To...

select Debtor Type From... To...

select Debtor Code From... To...

select Item Class From... To...

select Currency Code

select UOM

select Area Code From... To...

select Quantity

key in >= Qty

key in Unit Price

key in Discount

key in Priority

check Active?

To create a rule, you may select more than one criteria and set the minimum quantity and/or unit price and/or discount (in value or in %).


Click on Option button:

This is to give weight level to each criteria. In case of rules overlapping one another, the one with larger weights applies.

In a case where criteria fulfilled several price rules, then,

- the price rule with highest weights score will be used;

- if there are more than one price rule score the same highest weights score, the price rule that has a higher 'Priority' value will be used;

- if there are still more than one price rule score the same highest weights score and same Priority value, the system will prompt for selection.

During transaction, for example sales invoice, you may highlight an item, and go to Tools > Show Selected Price Book Rules, and the following screen will be displayed for your reference:

Multi-Dimensional Price Book - Price Book Matrix

Go to Sales > Multi-Dimensional Price Book

1. Key in the name of the matrix.

2. Assign date range (if applicable)

3. Defined the X and Y axis and their filter options

4. To set the unit price and/or discount

5. To set minimum quantity, click set null if not applicable

6. Click to Generate

7. Key in price/ discount

8. Click on save

Click on Save,

The following rules are created from Price Book matrix:

Pricing Policy

There are several places to maintain pricing of stock items:

(1) Sales > Multi Dimensional Price Book

(2) Stock > More Stock Maintenance > Item Price Book Maintenance (Price Book by Debtor/Creditor)

(3) Stock > More Stock Maintenance > Item Price Book Maintenance (Price Book by Price Category)

(4) Stock > Stock Item Maintenance (Standard Price)

During transaction, pricing rules maintained at Multi Dimensional Price Book will be captured; if there was no Multi Dimensional Price Book, the system will refer to the setting at Tools > Options > Invoicing > Auto Price.

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