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Question: When I click ‘Check USB Key’ in USB Key Utility, it shows “USB Key content is empty”.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.1


You did not update the dongle license file into dongle or the license file being wiped.

1) Download the dongle license in AutoCount License Portal for version 2.1.

Note: For version 1.9, please download using Dealer Console. (If not sure how to download, please seek assistance from your channel sales).

2) Open USB Key Utility and click on Browse under Data File (Accounting 2.0 / POS 5.0). If you are updating license for 1.9, should click Browse from Data File (Accounting 1.9)

3) After selecting your license file and click on Open, then click on Update USB Key.

4) Now, USB key for data file is updated successfully.

5) You may try check the USB Key again and you shall see that the USB Key Content is valid.

By: Cit Ta 231031, Lay Swan 231122, P231122

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