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Question: Why there is no change of price if I manually enable ‘Updated’ in Global Price Change when reached the global price change schedule date?

Version: 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.1


System will prompt reminder based on Global Price Change Schedule which have not been ‘Updated’. So, you should not manually enable the ‘Updated’. It will bypass this schedule.

The checkbox of Updated column will be automatically checked by the system after Global Price Change Schedule has been executed successfully.

1) Filter all the item codes that you want to change price.

2) Select the option that you want the price to calculate based on Cost or Price and the Calculation Method, then click on Next.

3) Select the price that you want to update and how much the Markup Ratio, click on Next.

4) Here you can see the New Price after Markup Ratio.
If you wish to change the price now, you may click on ‘Change Price Now’.
If you wish to schedule a time, then you can name the Global Price Change schedule and set the change date time.
Please do not manually enable the Updated column.
Then click on Save & Close.

5) When reaching the time of change price, upon login AutoCount, the system will prompt you a reminder of Global Price Change.

6) Double click on it and click on Change Price Now. If you wish to change the price later, you may click on Cancel.

Click on Yes to confirm the change price.

The Updated column will be checked automatically after done.

By: Soh Wee 231030, Lay Swan 231121, P231122

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