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Question: When I preview AutoCount Invoice, there are so many formats for me to choose from. Can I delete some of the format which I don’t use? For example: my company is based in Malaysia and I would not use some of the Singapore format as provided and I would like to remove them.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


In AutoCount, you are not allowed to delete any system reports (a type of reports that are originally generated by the system, usually displayed in Blue on Select Report windows. Refer Image 1).

Hide report1.png

Image 1 shows the total formats available in Invoice.

However, you may hide those report formats. To do so go to Tools  Report Design Center. In this section, you can browse through all the reports available in AutoCount. (Refer Image 2)

1. Browse through the section that you want.

2. Select the report that you wish to hide.

3. Click on the Set Attribute button on the right.

4. In the new window, there is a visibility setting set to “Always Hide”.

5. Click on OK.

Hide report2.png

Image 2 shows the steps to hide certain reports.

Hide report4.png

Image 3 shows the steps to hide certain reports.

Hide report3.png

Image 4 shows the results where some of the reports are not visible and selectable anymore.

By: JS 171113, KM 171116, P171120

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