Others: How can I change the Fiscal Year Start Date (Current Year) and Actual Data Start Date if it was set incorrectly

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Question: Recently I have created a new account book and realized that I have set my Fiscal Year start date as 01/01/2021. Can I change it to Fiscal Year 2022 and Actual Data Start Date as 01/01/2022?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

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Answer :

Yes, you can change it if there was no transaction keyed in before 01/01/2022.

1) Click on Fiscal Year 2022 and click on Delete Fiscal Year and do the same for Fiscal Year 2020.

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2) Now, click on Fiscal Year 2021 and click on Edit Fiscal Year, change the End Date to 31/12/2022 and rename Fiscal Year Name to Fiscal Year 2022, then click on OK.

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3) Change Actual Data Start Date to from 01/01/2021 to 01/01/2022 and click on Change.

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4) After changed Actual Data Start Date, click on Fiscal Year 2022 and click on Edit Fiscal Year/span>, now change the Start Date to 01/01/2022/span>, and click on OK/span>.

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5) Now the Fiscal Year is successfully changed to Year 2022.
You may add New Next Fiscal Year and New Previous Fiscal Year if needed.

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By: Ju Lee 220705, Lay Swan 220726, P220725

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