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Question: I’ve created a new account book. How can I copy the existing UDF field & scripting from another account book to this new account book?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


AutoCount provides a facility for user to copy the UDF Field & Scripting from one account book to another.

1. To export UDF and scripts from one account book

1.1 Login to Autocount Accounting Management Studio (source account book)

1.2 Go to Tools > Export User Defined Field and Scripting

1.3 Select all details that wish to export out.

2. To import UDF and scrips to another account book

2.1 Login to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio. (target account book)

2.2 Go to Tools > Import User Defined Field and Scripting.

2.3 Then browse the file to import.

3. After clicked on browse, you may select which details you wish to add.

4. Finally, click on Import. The UDF field will be appeared in new account book.

By: Azirah 171208, KM 171212, P171229

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