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Question: How do I determine if the SQL installed in my PC is Express (Free) version or Standard (Paid) version?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


You can check it out in SQL Server Configuration Manager. You may follow the steps below:

1. Start SQL Server Configuration Manager.

2. Lookup for your SQL Server Services and find the instance A2006, refer image 1 (normally for AutoCount, we are using namespace A2006)

Sql version1.png

Image 1

3. Right click on the service and click Properties.

4. Look for Advanced Tab and find a column call “Stock Keeping Unit Name”, refer Image 2

Sql version2.png

Image 2

5. The column should have a value “Express Edition” or “Standard Edition”.

The alternative way is you can check by logging in to AutoCount, go to Help > About AutoCount Accounting.

Sql version3.png

Sql version 4.png

By: JS 171014, KM 171214, P171229

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