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Question : My SQL Server services was always stopped after Windows update. It caused AutoCount cannot log in, and I need to manually start the Services. Is there any way to let the system auto start services when Windows start up.

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

1) Go to Windows Start and search for Services.

2) Select the SQL Instance that you want set auto start up, such as SQL Server (A2006), then right click and select Properties.

3) Copy the Service name (MSSQL$A2006).

4) Open Notepad with Run as Administrator and type net start "service name". Example: net start "MSSQL$A2006". Save the folder in C: drive and name it as StartSQL.bat.

If your Windows user is under Administrator, follow the below steps : -

1) Open Window Run command.

2) Type shell:startup and click on OK.

3) Copy and paste the StartSQL.bat file into this folder.

When your computer starts up, Windows will auto pop-up this CMD, and start SQL Server (A2006) services.

If your Windows user is not Administrator user, follow the below steps : -

1) Go to Windows Start and search for Task Scheduler.

2) Click on Create Basic Task.

3) Key in Name as StartSQL and click on Next.

4) Select When the computer starts and click on Next.

5) Select start a program and click on Next.

6) Click on browse and open the bat file, then click on Next.

7) Click on Finish.

8) Click on Task Scheduler Library and double click on StartSQL.

9) Click on Run whether user is logged on or not and click on Change User or Group.

10) Click on Advanced….

11) Click on Find Now and select the user under Administrator and click on OK.

12) Click on OK.

13) Click on OK again and key in the Administrator password, then click on OK.

When your computer starts up, Windows will start SQL Server (A2006) services.

By : CK 181101, Lay Swan 190321, P190322

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