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Question: How to login AutoCount using Accountant ID ?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


First, you have to register and get an Accountant ID from Auto Count.

Then, maintain your Accountant ID in the Account Book that you wish to login.

Step 1: Go to Tools > Options.

Step 2: Go to Tools > Options > General > Miscellaneous, look for Accountant Setting and click on it.

Step 3: Click on New to add in your Accountant ID.

Step 4: Fill in your Accountant ID, select the User ID, Add the Access Rules and then click on OK.

Accountant ID: Your Accountant ID

User ID: Select an User ID for this Accountant ID, the User ID will represent this Accountant ID.

Access Rules: Set the rules for this Accountant ID to define its accessible period in Account Book. This access time function will limit the accessibility (specified day and time set by the administrator) of such Accountant ID user

Now, you are able to login this Account Book with your Accountant ID.

Steps to login AutoCount using Accountant ID:

Step 5: To login AutoCount using Accountant ID, press the hotkey “Ctrl + Alt + A” from your keyboard at AutoCount login screen.

Step 6: Key in your Accountant ID and Password, then click on Login.

By: Jacky 170908, CY 170912, KM 170913, P170920

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