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Question : I have two printers installed and connected to my computer. One for normal office printing, and the other one purposely for AutoCount printing. Can I set separately a default printer for AutoCount and a default printer for normal printing so that I don't have to select printer when printing?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Yes, you can do so.

Normal Printing Printer

Go to Printer & Scanner Setting > Select the printer > Right Click > Click “Set as default printer”.

Default printer1.png

AutoCount Default Printer

1) Go to Sales Invoice (or any transaction page) and click on Report > Report Option.

Default printer2.png

2) Go to Printer Name and select the printer for AutoCount printing, then click on OK.

Default printer3.png

Note : For AutoCount set default printer, you need to set it for each transaction type that you wish to maintain a default printer.

E.g. Even though you have set it for Sales Invoice, you still need to set for other types such as Sales Order, Purchase Invoice, Cash Entry… etc.

By : Ella 190228, Lay Swan 190531, P190603

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