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Question: How to setup autobackup?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Install AutoCount Backup

Double click on the installer.

Click on Next,

Click on Next,

Click on Next,

Installation completed.Click on Close.

Right click on the auto-backup icon and select Open AutoCount Scheduled Backup Control Panel.

Click on Add.

Task ID: (automatically assigned)
Task Name: type in a name for this task
Server Name: <pc name>\<instance name> , you may click on Get Available Servers to select server PC name, the default instance for AutoCount is A2006
Database: click on Get Available Database to select the account book that you would like to schedule the backup
Backup Directory: define the path of backup destination
Backup File Prefix: set the prefix text for the name of backup file
Backup Date/Time: the first backup schedule
Repeating: check to set repeating schedule
Repeat Type: select either every hour, every day, every weekday, every month.
Notify on failed/success: check so that the user will be notified thru email. This will work only when email address is given and email server is set (File > Options)
Email: key in the email of the user for notification
Backup Service Port: Default port is 19500.
Backup File Password: click this to set the password on the backup file
Backup Files Control: Keeps the last backup file for every month. Example of this would be the backup file created on 31st of October will be saved even if it is outside the last backup files date range (i.e. the files kept when back up is done on the 11th of November is from the 2nd till 11th and the 31st of October).

System allows bulk addition of database automatically.

After clicking the button, a windows will prompt you to enter the relevant server information in which the bulk addition is to be done.

After entering the info and pressing OK, the following windows will be shown.

By: CK 170623, KM 170725; P170731

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