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Question: How to maintain multiple running number?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


How to set the following 3 sets of running number format of Invoice:

Set 1: starts with constant 'B', followed by 2-digit of 'year', ending with 4-digit running number. e.g. B09-0001

Set 2: starts with constant 'C', followed by 2-digit of 'year', ending with 4-digit running number. e.g. C09-0001

Set 3: a free format so that I can key in anything I like (alpha-numeric).

The Steps: There has already a default running number, we can change its format (for Set 1), and create a new format for Set 2.

1. Go to General Maintenance > Document Numbering Format Maintenance

2. Look into Category: Sales > DocType: Invoice ... click to highlight IV Default, click on Edit

Howto-multiple bunbering01.png

Howto-multiple bunbering02.png

3. Key in format: B{@yy}-<0000> , set Next Number to '1', click on OK 'B' and '-' are static text, {@yy} is the last 2 digit of year, <0000> is 4-digit running number

4. To create the 2nd set of invoice running number, click on New. key in a name for this format, and the format is: C{@yy}-<0000>, click on OK.

Howto-multiple bunbering03.png

You need to log out and login again for new formats to take effect.

5. As for Set 3, it requests no running number, thus no setting is needed. User can enter any invoice number (alpha-numeric) when issuing invoice, just click on <<New>> and key in document number directly in Invoice No. field.

Howto-multiple bunbering04.png

Now issue a new invoice, you can choose running number format (the chosen format and next possible number will be displayed on the top of the invoice windows. Should you key in the invoice number directly onto Invoice No. field, all running formats will be ignored.

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