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Question: What is K.I.V documents? Why every time I login to AutoCount, a message box prompted "There are some K.I.V documents, do you want to Open the K.I.V folder"?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0



This is a feature of Auto Save Document. KIV Folder is a place where the system stores automatically (in every x seconds, the setting can be changed at Tools > Current User Settings, Enable Auto-Save Document) transactions/documents that were still "open" (means the transaction windows is not closed, cancelled or saved) by users. The purpose is to temporarily keep the unfinished entries and to prevent from data loss on unexpected power failure. Once the "open" transaction/document is being closed, cancelled or saved by a user, the related document in KIV folder will be removed as well.


In case of unexpected power failure, the auto-saved entries will be prompted for further action upon login.


Documents/transactions can also be stored in KIV Folder manually by a user, especially for those entries that are unfinished, to be continued or not proper to be saved at the time being (as the document numbering and posting will be effective once an entry is saved).

To store an entry onto KIV folder manually, at the entry windows, go to Edit > Save in KIV Folder.


You may retrieve the entries later at Tools > Open KIV Folder.


By: Jacky 170818, KM 170821, P170823

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