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Question : My company name is changed and what should I do for the changes of company name in AutoCount Accounting.

Version : 1.8 / 1.9

Answer :

To change your company name, you will need to provide the request license file (.RAL file) along with Form 13 and email to License Department to get a new license file.

Kindly follow the following steps.

Step 1: Change Company Name

Go to General Maintenance > Company Profile

Edit your old company name to new name. Then click on OK button.

The following message will be prompted. Click on Yes to proceed and your license will be withdrawn and become Trial Version with 500 transactions limit.
(License is issued based on the company's registered name & address)

Step 2: Generate Request License File

Go to Tools > Program Control > License Control

Click on Open Account Book Registration.

Click on Next.

Account Book Registration screen will be prompted. Click on Next.

Proceed by clicking Next until you found No 8. Validity of License Code. Select Permanent Code then click on Next.

Click on C. Save as Request License File and submit manually.
Choose your path to Save and then click on Finish.

Request License file will be saved to your computer. Email to lcp@autocountsoft.com and attach the RAL file along with Form 13.

Step 3: Edit back Company Name to old name

In order to continue to do transaction while waiting the new license file, you must edit back your company name to old name to retrieve your old permanent license.

Go to General Maintenance > Company Profile

Edit back to your old company name. Then click on OK.

Step 4: Register License

1) You will receive an email from LCP with your new license file (.ALC file). Download the license file and Save it.

2) You need to change your company name to new name before you can proceed to register new license file. Kindly refer Step 1 for how to change company name.

3) To register new license file, kindly refer Step 2 until you found the following page. Click on Register, select new license file (that you download from email) then click on Finish.

4) Your license is updated to permanent license.

By : Aisyah 181101, Lay Swan 181115, P181119

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