POS Sync Monitor

From AutoCount Resource Center
1.Double click AutoCount POS Sync Monitor shortcut in Desktop.

2.Click New to create a new Sync Profile.

3.Click Next to continue.

4.Select backend SQL Server Instance name and database name, click Next to continue.

We will choose A2006 (default instance name) and AED_POS_BE (backend database name, refer POS backend on how to create backend database).

5.Insert the name and description for the sync profile. In this help file, we will use POS 5 for easy reference. Click Random for Encryption Key and click Next to proceed.

6.Select the location to be synced in this profile and click Next to proceed.

7.Click Finish on the last screen to complete the configuration of sync profile.

8.Double click again on the AutoCount POS Sync Monitor shortcut in Desktop, highlight the sync profile that we created just now, and click Edit. Screen below will prompt and click on Change Sync Port.

9.Jot down the number of Local IP Address and Sync Service Port, it will be useful on Front End Configuration.

10.Click Cancel and Close to exit.

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