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Question : I have mistakenly created bonus processor twice in a same month. How can I delete one of the processors?

Answer (1) :

Purge all the bonus transactions, then re-run the bonus processor.

1) Go to Tools > Purge Payroll Transaction.

2) Select the correct period with bonus type, then check the checkbox of Purge and click on Purge. If you have created 2 bonus processes, purge both of them.

3) A confirmation message will be prompted. Click on Yes.

4) Payroll Transactions Purged.

5) Now go to Payroll > Bonus processor, and select existing Bonus Year to check the bonus period. There should be no existing processor (empty).

6) Now, you can re-create bonus processor with the correct date.

Answer (2) :

Purge all related employees involved in selected bonus processor date, without re-running the bonus processor.

1) Go to > Bonus Processor, then select existing bonus year. Select the date which is mistakenly created and click on Open.

2) To purge all related employees in the bonus listing, you need to do it one by one.

3) Right click on an employee name, then click on Purge.

4) A confirmation message will be prompted, click on Yes.

5) To clear all related employees in the list, you need to repeat steps 2 to 4 for each affected employee. Then close the processor.

6) Finally, go back to Payroll > Bonus Processor. The remaining bonus will be the one with correct date.

By : Azirah 190220, Lay Swan 190614, P190618

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