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Question : What is the meaning of Max. Amount for Tax Exempted Rule in maintain allowance? What will happen if the allowance paid is exceed the maximum amount?

Answer :

It is a capping amount for tax exempted.


1) User maintained one allowance with rule 09002.

Rule : 09002
Description : Petrol card, petrol allowance or travel allowance and toll card for office.
Max Amount : RM 6000

6000 capping amount :
Allowance amount <= RM 6000 (max amount) is exempted from tax.
Any allowance amount exceeding RM 6000 is taxable.

2) User main another allowance with rule 09004

Rule : 09004
Description : Meal Allowance.
Max Amount : Empty (zero capping amount)

Unlimited capping amount:
There is no limitation which means all allowance amount is exempted from tax.

By : Aisyah 180724, Lay Swan 190109, P190109

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