Pos3/5/FNB: After add New Fiscal Year, Why Synchronizer Error?

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Question :

Why after add New Fiscal Year, still occur synchronizer error? Transaction date dd/m/yyyy is not in the maintained fiscal year range.

PosARPayment: Synchronizer Error: {"Message":"Transaction date dd/MM/yyy is not in the maintained Fiscal Year Range (01/01/20yy to 31/12/20yy), if you want to enter transaction date outside the Fiscal Year Range, please go to Tools | Manage Fiscal Year to add new Fiscal Year."}

Solution :

1. Go to Autocount Pos 5.1 Server Monitor -> Select on Profile Name -> Click Restart Service

2. Then RE-SYNC.

By: JUNWEI 20240118, Jacky 20240229 [000487]

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