Pos3/5/FNB: After migrated from POS 3 to POS 5, POS options does not work

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Question :

After migrated from POS 3 to POS 5, I try to change some options at POS Options Maintenance but frontend does not reflect the setting even after I synced.

Possible Reason :

Your terminal Option ID may be blank after migrating from POS3.

Solution :

1. At Back End, go to Point of Sale > Maintenance > Terminal Maintenance.

2. Select Terminal ID and press Edit.

3. You will see Option ID is blank.

4.Select Option 1 and click OK.

Note : Make sure you do synchronize after changed any setting at back end.

By: Kee 20200410, Jacky 20200422, P20200423 [000045]

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