Pos3/5/FNB: After restored FE DB, how to sync with HQ?

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Question :

After restored FE DB, how to sync with HQ?

Solution :

1. Go to Start Menu, click on Database Configuration under AutoCount Pos 5 Folder

alternatively you may find database configuration application at C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoCount\FnB 5.0 folder and look for PosConfig

2. Select the correct Database Name.

3. Click on Sync Configuration.

4.Click on Configure Terminal.

5.Click Next.

6.Make sure the Server IP Address (Local Network IP or VPN IP) & Sync Service Port are correct and click Next.

7. Alternatively, you may choose Controlled by Service Bus. (choose either one)

Note : After changes of this setting, the system will automatically perform full sync.

By: Kee 20200410, Jacky 20200422, P20200423 [000042]

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