Pos3/5/FNB: Could not login POS Frontend

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Question :

I couldn’t login AutoCount Pos Software, it prompts out this error. May I know how to solve this issue?

(Error while connecting to SQL Server 2005, please check the network, firewall and make sure SQL Server 2005 is running and is network-enabled. Then try again.)

Solution :

Your sql services A2006 is stopped.

Solution :

Solution 1 :

1. Click at Windows Start button, look for SQL Server Configuration Manager

2. Double click on SQL Server Services

3. Right click SQL Server A2006 then click to Start the service.

Solution 2 :

1. If you could not find sql server configuration manager in Windows Start menu, try to search for Services program

2. Then look for SQL Server (A2006) then click to Start the service

By: SengHoong 20200625, Jacky 20201124, P201126 [000134]

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