Pos3/5/FNB: Creating New Receipt & Payment Voucher is very slow?

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Question :

When login AutoCount Backend or Accounting, and create a new receipt voucher / payment voucher under cash book, it takes longer time to response, why?

Possible Reason :

There are many MRU stored on your database which you do not use for longtime and every time login, the system will reload them and this caused the system to take longer time to prepare.

Solution :

1.Go to G/L > Cash Book Entry > New > New Payment Voucher > Edit > Edit MRU Items > Receive > Clear All > Save.

2.Edit MRU Items again > Description > Clear All > Save

3.Edit MRU Items again > Grid Description > Clear All > Save

4.Edit MRU Items again > Grid Business Name > Clear All > Save

5.Enter a sample transaction > fill up any keyword in Pay To, Description, Description under Main Tab and Business Name under Tax Detail > Save

6. After that re login and try, system should be much smoother than usual.

By: CK 20210715, Jacky 20210824, P210826 [000233]

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