Pos3/5/FNB: Error: System found don’t have POS Item Batch module

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Question :

My company don’t use any Item Batch control, why does the system prompt this error message?

System found don’t have POS Item Batch module, please purchase the module from your system vender.

Possible Reason :

You may have imported items using import template and included item batch option there.

Solution :

1. Login POS 5.0 Management Studio > Tools > SQL Query > Yes > enter below statement* > Execute

Update Item set HasBatchNo = 'F' where HasBatchNo = 'T'

2. Go to Outlet perform Full Sync

PS: If you are not confident on doing so, you may contact our support or your dealer for help.

By: CK 20220328, Jacky 220422, P220425 [000321]

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