Pos3/5/FNB: Error 1001 on re-installation

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Question :

When I re-Install POS/F&B the system comes out the following message:

(Error 1001. The specified service already exists)

Solution :

Uninstall process may not have completed and POS services were not removed properly.

Solution :

Remove the services using command prompt.

1.Go to Windows start > type the keyword = 'services' > click on Services

2.Look for POS sync service.

POS3 – APOSSyncClientService

POS5 – APOSClientSyncService & AutoCountPOSAPI

FNB – AFnBClientSyncService & OrderingWebApiService

3.Having identify the services, go to Windows start > type in ‘cmd’ > right click on Command Prompt > Run as administrator

4.Click on Yes

5.Then type in ‘sc delete <ServiceName>’ as shown below.

6.Restart your computer.

By: CK 20201126, Jacky 20210125, P210125 [000149]

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