Pos3/5/FNB: Error with duplicated Barcode or Alternate Code

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Question :

In Find Stock Item screen, when Search with keyword (11111) don’t get any duplicated itemcode/alternate code.

But when I try to save a new item code, system prompts error.

There are more than one UOM use the same Barcode or Alternate Code XXX(11111) at ItemCode XXX(000001).

Possible Reason :

User may have imported AutoCount older version (1.5/1.6/1.8/1.9) Item Code to AutoCount 2.0 or POS 5.0 Backend, which the database may have problem prior to it (such as with empty UOM).

Solution :

1. Do backup for your account book.


2. Go to open AutoCount Management Studio under Windows Start Menu > AutoCount POS 5.0

3. Go to Tools > SQL Query.

4. Click Yes. (Note As a software vender, we WILL NOT take any RESPONSIBILITY if you use the SQL Query tools without our supervision)

5. Enter the statement (Select * from ItemSubCode) > highlight it > Execute. Check at UOM column to see is there any empty value, if Yes all those Sub Code & Item Code need to be removed from list.

6. Enter the statement (delete from ItemSubCode where UOM = ) > highlight it > Execute.

7.You can go to save your item already.

By: CK 20210906, Jacky 20210921, P210927 [000247]

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