Pos3/5/FNB: Export Price to Weighting Scale = Weight Class

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Question :

I want to export price to weighting scale from Pos System , the format I selected is ‘Bizerba’. When I click inquiry button , why weight class shows only KG value?

Possible Reason :

You are using the wrong UOM value

Solution :

1. Login POS BACKEND > go to Stock > Stock Item Maintenance > Then find your Item code

2. Your Item UOM should not be insert as ‘gram’ or ‘g’.

You must insert as 100g or Kg

3. Go to POS BACKEND > Tools > Change Code > Change Item UOM

4. Select your Item code, and your UOM then change the New UOM as 100g

5. After Change, perform speed sync from your terminal Then you are now able to see your gram value

By: SengHoong 20210820, Jacky 20210921, P210927 [000254]

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