Pos3/5/FNB: How to Set Access right for Trade in and Return

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Question :

How to block my staff from performing trade in and return?

Solution :

1. You need to check the access rights of user to allow/disallow accept return & exchange function. Go to POS Backend > Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS User Group Maintenance

2. Select correct user group > Edit

3. Expand Point of Sales > Data Entry > tick Reduce Qty & Negative Qty check box

4. If you wish to “Allow Return Without Enter Document No.”, go to Point of Sales > Data Entry > check the checkbox of Allow Return Without Enter Document No.

5.If you wish to allow “refund”, please go to Point of Sales > Transaction > check the checkbox of Refund > OK

6.Then perform speed sync from your terminal.

By: CK 20210209, Jacky 20211123, P211125 [000279]

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