Pos3/5/FNB: How to add UDF

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Question :

I want to add a remark field. How can I do it?

Solution :

Adding a new field for user to key in value is called UDF (User Defined Field).

1. To ADD UDF on backend, Login POS 5.0 Management Studio > Tools > User Defined Field > click the + for Category: POS > select Table > Maintain Field


2. Click + > fill in info > OK > Save


Name: Field name

Type: Field type (Text, Decimal, Integer, etc…)

Size: Field Max limit

3.Perfrom speed sync on outlet F&B system

4. To ADD UDF on frontend, Login Frontend system > More Function > Setting > Configuration Setting > Miscellaneous tab > User Defined Field > select your table ( POS Order, POS Order Detail ) > Maintain Field


5. Add the same field setting here ( POS Order, POS Order Detail ) > Save > OK


6.Relogin FnB > More Function > Master UDF > Enter your remark > OK


By: CK 20220819, Jacky 20220822, P220829 [000350]

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