Pos3/5/FNB: How to clear POS Transaction

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Question :

How to clear all transaction at Pos Backend and POS/F&B Frontend after I done some simulation transaction at POS system.

Solution :

POS Backend

Login to POS Backend and go to Point of Sale > Pos Setting

Clear All Transactions is to clear all your sales transaction.

Clear All Testing Transactions is clear your testing transaction when your terminal is in Testing Mode.

You must enter the ADMIN user password in order to perform “Clear All Transactions” for AutoCount POS.

<Note>: Only ADMIN user is allowed to perform this action. There are no other access rights for this action.

POS Frontend

For POS5, login to frontend and then go to More Function > Configuration Setting > Miscellaneous

For FNB, login to frontend and then go to More Function > Settings > Configuration Setting > Miscellaneous

Click the Clear Transaction button, then you able to Clear All Transactions for frontend.

The password for POS support Password is “aposworld

By: SengHoong 20200318, Jacky 20200319 [000002]

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