Pos3/5/FNB: How to create promotion only for member/debtor?

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Question :

How to create promotion only for member/debtor?

Solution :

By default the promotion is enabled in all checkboxes which means the promotion prices will apply to all, be it member, non-member, debtor or promotion by outlet.

Promotion only for Member:

You must uncheck ‘For Empty Member’, so that when the system enforce this promotion the user must select a member.

Promotion for selected Members only:

You may uncheck ‘For Empty Member’ & ‘For All Member’ > and click on Member List/ Member Type List.

Check to select which members/types you wish to offer this promotion > OK

Promotion for Debtors only:

You must uncheck ‘For Empty Account’, so that when the system enforces such promotion, debtor (s) must be / selected.

By: CK 20200513, Jacky 20200519, P20200519 [000051]

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