Pos3/5/FNB: How to edit promoter which was wrongly assigned?

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Question :

I have chosen a wrong promoter, how can I change it?

Solution :

For POS 5.0 Back End, Accounting 2.0 and Accounting 1.9:

Login back end system > Point of Sale > POS Transaction Viewer

For POS 3.1 & POS 5.0:

Login POS > More Function > Report

For F&B:

Login POS > More Function > Inquiry

Click Report

Then Click POS Transaction Viewer

Set Filter Option > Inquiry > duble click the affected transaction

Click Edit POS Master Data

Change the promoter or/and update any of its related columns > Save

Click Yes

Click Edit POS Detail Data

Change the promoter or/and update the Remarks > Save

Click Yes

By: CK 200521, Jacky 20200628, P200630 [000064]

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