Pos3/5/FNB: How to enable Cash Drawer Notification

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Question :

My client does not want POS/F&B system to keep too much of cash in cash drawer.

May I know how to set a ceiling level for accumulated cash in cash drawer to cash out?

Solution :

For POS 3

Login POS Frontend > go to More Function > Configuration Settings > Device Setting 2 > Enable Cash Drawer Notification,

key in Notify Amount (example: RM1000) and Notify Email to receive email notification once the cash reaches ceiling level.


The cashier will be notified as well with the following prompt:


For POS 5/ F&B system

Login POS Backend > Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS Options Maintenance > Settings tab > Enable Cash Drawer Notification

Fill up Notify Amount / Email , then click ok to save and perform speed sync from your terminal.


The cashier will be notified as well with the following prompt:


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