Pos3/5/FNB: How to make Fast Selection Menu with multiple levels?

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Question :

My menu has many series and types, can fast selection menu support multiple levels of menu?

Solution :

1.Login to POS Backend > Point of Sale > Maintenance > Fast Selection Menu Maintenance > select Menu ID (my sample is ‘1’) > Menu Design > select Menu Header (my sample is ‘AOTGIGD1’) > Design Menu Details


2.Click Add Menu > system will add a new empty line (assuming this will be the group level), you will need to key in something for Description column


3. Select an item you wish to make it as sub-level item, then click and hold the left edge of the item line, drag to the target item line, release your mouse click.


4.Now the selected item is placed and shown as a sub level item > OK > OK


Login frontend and your menu can be viewed in multi-level instead of only single level.



By: CK 20230301, Jacky 20230323, P230323 [000397]

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