Pos3/5/FNB: How to make transaction with an item without item code

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Question :

I had an item in my store whereby the item code is not created yet from my HQ, therefore I cannot select this Item from my AutoCount POS system.

How can I sell this item temporary to my customer? I can’t be waiting for my HQ to create the new Item Code as I can’t be letting the customer to wait for it.

Solution :

For POS 3.0/3.1/5.0:

You make use of AutoCount POS Open Item feature. This feature is made specially for such situation where the code might not be created at your store and you need to sell them immediately.

To use this open item, you can just simply type in “” at the item / barcode field

After that a new dialog will appear for you to key in the item description and amount. Key in accordingly and then click OK to proceed.

You will a new line with empty item code but with description is displayed so that you can continue your transaction and sell to it to your customer.

<Note>: This feature is only available for Cash Sale. It is not available for Sales Order

For F&B:

Type ‘’ at barcode column.

Key in Description & Amount.

Your result.

By: CK 20200323, Jacky 20200324 [000031]

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