Pos3/5/FNB: How to set Window task scheduler if system default doesn’t start my sync services

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Question :

My POS sync services somehow doesn’t auto start even when I set it to automatic during startup. How to set it automatically start?

Solution :

1. Go to Windows Start and search for Services.


2. Find out your service name (my service is APOS Server Sync - 20 base on the picture) > Double click it > Right click Services name and copy.


3. Go to Windows Start and search for Notepad > right click Run as administrator


4. Key in some script as shown below, then File > Save as > Change “save as type” to All Files and on your file name must add .bat at the end. Script

net stop "YourServicesName"

net start "YourServicesName"


5. Go to Windows Start and search for Task Scheduler


6. Click Create Task… > Input Name > then select either 1 option.

a. Run only when user is logged on – this option is for those PC which did not have password set, normally single user which is admin.

b. Run whether user is logged on or not – this option is for those corporate control which limit user access right with multiple users.


7. Go to Triggers tab > New… > select Daily > Start Date & Time > Recur every 1 days > OK.

If you need it to run multiple times per day u can set a few trigger tasks for it.


8. Go to Action tab > New… > Browse… > find your file where you save your .bat files > Open > OK


9. Click OK > Enter Password > OK

It will prompt enter password if you choose second option which is Run whether user is logged on or not


By: CK 20220113, Jacky 20220121, P220127 [000303]

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