Pos3/5/FNB: License Status become Stale State how to fix?

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Question :

When login POS I was prompted a message that my license limited to 200 transaction only, after I go to Windows Start > AutoCount POS 5.0 > AutoCount POS 5.0 Database Configuration > Tools > License Control > the license status shows Stale State, how can I fix this issue?


Possible Reason :

System license file or database license data corrupted.

Computer date had been reset due to certain circumstances

Solution :

1. Close the screen then go to Tools > SQL Query


2. Enter the password (if you don’t know please contact your software provider) > OK


3. Enter statement: delete from possetting > click Execute > close it.


4a. For POS user Go to C:\ProgramData\AutoCount\POS 5.0\ > delete 2 files (POSID.config & session_xxx.key)

4b. For F&B user Go to C:\ProgramData\AutoCount\FnB 5.0\ > delete 2 files (POSID.config & session_xxx.key)


5. Go back to Database Configuration > Tools > License Control > Next > (follow the steps to insert back the license)


By: CK 20210611, Jacky 20210622, P210625 [000208]

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