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Question :

Why is my POS/F&B system stock item list not same with my POS BACKEND (HQ) ? I have tried do speed sync & full sync but still not solved. But when I run query check my item table at Frontend (Outlet) , the item balance quantity is the same as my HQ.

Possible Reason :

Your stock item list may have been imported earlier during setup and the item was not included on certain table.

You may have filtered the item list at your sync profile.

Solution :

1. Login POS 5.0 Management Studio > Go to Tools > SQL Query

2. Run this query for checking (Select * from item)

You will found that in the item table there is a column name ‘Is Pos Item’, there are few itemcode show ‘NULL’ under column name ‘Is Pos Item’

3. Run this sql query at your Backend to change the column ‘IsPosItem’ data to T. (Update item set IsPosItem = 'T')

4. Then perform speed sync from your terminal then logout and login back again. Now your stock item quantity at your terminal will be same as your POS BACKEND.

5. If still not same go to POS Server Monitor > Edit your profile name > Edit your location > Stock item > Exclude item Set No filter.

You may have excluded some item here so FE will not receive such item details.

By: SengHoong 20210911, Jacky 20211022. P211025 [000266]

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