Pos3/5/FNB: Purge POS Transaction shows no data

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Question :

I want to clear older data transaction, but when I click on inquiry it shows no data?

Possible Reason :

You must do POS Posting before purging data.

Solution :

1. Check if you have done any POS Posting or not. Login Accounting 1.9/2.0/POS Back-End > Point of Sale > POS Posting

If there is no records of POS Posting in the date range you wish to do data purge, create a new POS Posting.

2. Click on New

3. Set the Date Range > Inquiry > Post.

4. Click OK.

5. Go to Point of Sale > Purge POS Transaction > set Date Range > Inquiry > Purge.

By: CK 20200618, Jacky 20200731, P200807 [000073]

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