Pos3/5/FNB: Stock Balance Qty is 0 but it still has Cost Value?

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Question :

Stock Balance Report shows Balance Qty is 0 but at Total Cost column still has value?

Possible Reason :

User has used incorrect filter option to inquiry the report, as this item is using Advance Multi UOM.

Solution :

1. Go to More Options > under UOM Option change to Show Multi-UOM > OK.

2. Click Inquiry again you will get more than 1 UOM.

3. Now you know which UOM is in positive balance & negative balance. Now you need to create a UOM Conversion transaction to make all UOM balance equal to 0.

Go to Stock > Stock UOM Conversion > New

4.Recalculate your stock costing, refer to the link below:


5.Back to Stock Report Inquiry again.

6. Additionally, to check trigger Auto UOM Function criteria, refer to the link below:


By: CK 20220124, Jacky 20220124, P220127 [000304]

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