Pos3/5/FNB: Stock Item Listing Qty does not match with other stock reports

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Question :

Balance quantity at Stock > Stock Item Maintenance, item listing is not the same as stock card & stock balance report?



Possible Reason :

System balance quantity may need to be refreshed due to heavy traffic transaction.

Solution :

1. First try to check your fiscal year end date. Go to Tools > Manage Fiscal Year


2. Check the current year End Date, then go to your stock report


3.Make sure the date range (to date) is the same as the End Date, then Inquiry to see if the balance Qty is correct.


4.If it is still not the same, go to Windows Start > AutoCount POS 5.0 > AutoCount POS 5.0 Management Studio > Login Admin ID & Password


5. Go to Data Consistency > Fix Inconsistent Stock Balance Quantity Problem


6.Click on these 2 buttons > OK > then check again if the quantity in listing & other reports are matched.


By: CK 20210309, Jacky 20210524, P210526 [000197]

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